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Few sights regale the soul more than seeing a gas balloon happily dancing its way to the top, defying gravity that is supposed to make it stay close to the earth. It has the inert ability to continue its upward journey, regardless and in spite of everything. Yet, so often, the gas balloon is held firmly by invisible strings and knots that have developed due to pressures of the society, faulty guidance, lack of inspiration and culture of mediocrity. Against its basic nature, the gas balloon stays anchored very close to the ground. Life School Genius is a relentless effort to MENTOR and help the adolescents snap the strings; untie the knots; stand strong; spread their fragrance and break free of their cocoon. By empowering them with People Skills, Creative Skills, Winning Attitudes, Team Building Skills, Communication Skills, Thinking Skills, Emotional Intelligence & Meditation, we aim to create them as CONFIDENT, SOLUTION ORIENTED, COMPOSED & RESPONSIBLE CHAMPIONS.

1611 Students
624 Sessions
5 Years
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  • I have seen a more confident child of mine after the course. It has helped my daughter to connect with others and found that she is more extrovert. She participated well in all activities with great enthusiasm.